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We offer practical, highly interactive programs in safety, quality and innovation, with a focus on the health and human services sectors. We can offer customised capability solutions that span new approaches in patient safety (safety II & resilience engineering), systems-based adverse event review methods, restorative justice, systems thinking, human factors, design thinking and more. From turn-key offerings where we manage everything and host your teams at our preferred training venues,  to bespoke workshops delivered in the convenience of your workplace, we can find a format that works best within your organisational realities and constraints.

We recommend facilitated training solutions when the you are looking for an operational translation component in addition to training - such as when a team is seeking novel skills to address a particularly challenging high-risk safety issue. 

Reach out for a no-obligation conversation. Once we have a fuller understanding of your needs, we can recommend the best mix of solutions. 
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Tailored Solutions

'Off-the-shelf' solutions can be great but sometimes you need something a bit more tailored. We offer custom packages (incorporating training, advisory and project support) that can be fine tuned for your organisation's needs. Get in touch - we would love to hear about you goals and how we might help.

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Team Coaching

"Coaching done well may be the best intervention for human performance", Dr Atul Gawande


We love supporting  healthcare teams and system leaders on their professional and organisational transformation journey. Coaching and mentorship is a big part of that. Reach out to see how we might support your current and emerging leaders. 

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Events Calendar

In addition to our bespoke training solutions, we will plan to host a number of workshops and fireside chats with leading experts every year. Details on upcoming opportunities will be posted here and on our social media. Use the link below to sign up for updates.

2024 Events Calendar

2 April 2024 - Reimagining Inpatient Falls

Heading 4

20-21 May 2024  & 22-23 May 2024

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Gordon Mander, Principal Project Officer

"Satyan is a dedicated educator. He provided me with a number of thought provoking ideas and challenged me to think beyond some of the traditional tropes that exist in healthcare to better understand how we can work with the complex nature of the system, rather than continue to battle against it."
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