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Our Story

Nuansys Healthcare was founded by Dr Satyan Chari, an expert on human-systems improvement and healthcare innovation. Satyan's passion lies in helping health and human services organisations transform performance by pivoting towards the 'new view' in safety and quality. Over the last decade, Satyan has taken hundreds of practitioners, clinicians and system leaders on individual journeys of personal and organisational transformation. Along the way, he has built an international reputation as a gifted translator - for his ability to make complex systems theories and emerging safety science more tangible and meaningful for a healthcare audience. Driven by a desire to seed positive impacts at scale, Satyan founded Nuansys Healthcare in 2023.

Candid picture of Company Founder

Our name 'Nuansys' incorporates two ideas that are important to us. First, it's a call to action. We believe 'new answers' are desperately needed if safety and quality in healthcare is to truly improve. Here in Australia, 'new answers' and 'Nuansys' are homophones!  Second, it's a reminder to ourselves. As technology innovators, we are passionate about risk management and safety systems that work with the nuances of human-led clinical service delivery - serving the needs of those of who provide and receive care, and not the other way around.

Our Model

Our business is organised into three complementary parts - an advisory and consulting practice, our capability and transformation programs (via the Nuansys Institute) and a technology innovation arm (still in early development).


Because we are innovators at heart, we operate more like a healthcare design studio and lean healthcare technology start-ups, rather than a traditional management consulting practice. We maintain a focused core team and an extended network of expert freelancers who we draw on as needed. What this means is that when we do take on your business, we stay close and true to the science and can give you the confidence that each project will receive a tailored, high capability and competitive package of support. Whether you're in need of safety experts, experience designers, resilience engineers, experts in clinical governance or a mix of the above - we can deliver, whatever the ask or scale, from small one-off projects to large transformation programs.


If you are just after a bit of advice, feel free to reach out. We are here to help and are generous with our time and expertise. A no-cost consultation with us might prove priceless on your next improvement priority.

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