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Declining safety culture.

Access block. 

Escalating patient harm.

Clinician burnout.

Catalyst programs are typically multi-component, multi-level engagements undertaken at scale and over a medium time horizon. They include a tailored suite of interventions based on a comprehensive appraisal of your needs. These are responsive programs that will follow the natural contours of your organisation's evolving journey of transformation.


Our dedicated team of professionals will work with your leaders, clinicians and consumer groups to reshape your strategic environment, provide mentorship across critical roles, cultivate your collaborative networks, help you diagnose and attend to systems problems and configure your knowledge systems for success. We will guide you through the 'deep work' that underpins every story of successful regeneration and uplift. Catalyst Programs also open up our library of world-class learning products to your organisation, and we can seamlessly integrate these into your competency management systems or onboard your organisation onto ours.

Are Catalyst Programs for everyone? Probably not. Sometimes organisations will opt for the easy fix - by deploying  the many training-based culture-change programs or by engaging management consultants to produce a 'transformation blueprint'. Training-heavy programs are not only ineffective when deep issues are at play, they invariably worsen core problems. Asking clinicians to 'speak up' within a degraded culture will create even more harm, disharmony and amplify clinician burnout. Offering training on design-thinking without addressing risk aversion in the environment will only create more distance from your workforce.


Entrenched systemic issues require a commitment to fundamental change and systems redesign. This is  why commissioning consultant-style diagnostic or strategy reports does little more than reiterate what you already know. If you are after real change then you owe it to your workforce, your consumers, and yourself to explore better alternatives.


If you are considering such a journey, it might be time to speak to us.

Emergency Medical Service person being loaded into ambulance


Governments, health boards and executive leaders are under intense pressure to deliver fundamental improvements in healthcare. Thankfully, there is a proven science to achieving deep transformation in complex organisations.
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