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Nuansys is a healthcare improvement company.


With our breadth of sector-specific experience, we can help you with almost every challenge across the domains of quality, safety, innovation, evaluation and strategy. Some examples are below.


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Not knowing what you are up against can be the first hurdle in dealing with any complex problem. We can help by triangulating the critical insights you need. We bring skills in facilitation and engagement, co-design, simulation, systems thinking and a range of applied methods to help you get at the heart of issues and devise the most effective responses out of any situation.

Operational Integration

Developing recommendations and a glossy report is the easy part! It takes a whole other set of skills to embed strategic priorities into the messy volatile world of everyday operations. We have extensive experience in engaging and activating grassroots change in clinical systems.


Our team of creative professionals have led award-winning co-design projects with healthcare consumers and clinicians. From designing play-based co-creation tools to end-of-life palliation programs, we have leading-edge expertise in creating novel solutions in a way that generates enthusiasm and transformative engagement.


Sometimes all you need is an expert advisor on a team. Someone who can extend your strategic foresight, bring a new level of technical depth or catalyse novel thinking and breakthrough ideas. As experienced organisational and board-level advisors in safety, quality, innovation and governance, we are a perfect fit in such situations. 

Systems Interventions

Systemic challenges need systemic responses. Well-meaning superficial interventions can sometimes destabilise frontline work and escalate problems in the long run. We can help you design high impact safety and quality interventions that are better at targeting key points of leverage, are sensitive to the operational context and allow your system to flex and adapt as it needs to. 


Your safety, quality and innovation strategy can be a powerful tool for enablement. Unfortunately, few strategies get this right. We can help you channel current thinking on performance and change in complex systems and craft a strategy that delivers.

As a General Physician and clinical manager I found Satyan’s insights into Human Factors and Resilience Engineering invaluable. I apply it in one way or another to my work on a daily basis.

CO, Consultant Physician and Clinician Leader 

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